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Bakhmut Has Fallen. For Now.

There has been a lot of press recently covering the fall of Bakhmut. This town has been the center of some of the most intense fighting in Ukraine for the last year. Classic trench warfare harkening back to World War I. The Wagner PMC recruited prisoners used for human wave attacks suffered as much as an 80% casualty rate. Casualties on the Ukrainian side have also been extremely high. Now that the Russians control it, it has been completely destroyed. Like other towns I have been to in Ukraine, they are eerily similar to the photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after we dropped atomic bombs on them in WWII. The savagery and genocidal nature of this war cannot be allowed to continue and the world must take note and stand against it.

This town and its surrounding areas are where our teams got a thousand civilians out who were fleeing the fighting. The joint operation between Base UA and Global Augmentation is just one of many you will never hear about. Volunteers of veterans and civilians from all over the world refused to sit back and watch this genocide unfold without doing something about it. The 1,000 or so people we evacuated would either be dead or finding someway to live in rubble under Russian occupation. And everywhere there has been a town liberated by the Russians, we find evidence of civilian executions, torture, and rape being used to terrorize the civilian population. I will be heading back again soon to bring over more medical supplies for the upcoming counteroffensive.

The spirit of the Ukrainians will not be stopped.

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To educate yourself on the history of this war I recommend following Professor Timothy Synder at Yale University.

To follow and support our efforts follow us here at

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