Warriors For Peace Theatre is a collaboration of veterans and civilians with a two-fold mission:  Provide catharsis for our returning warriors through Shakespeare and promote peace, healing, and foster the principles of global citizenship by bringing veterans of different nations together in the arts.



We are driven by the core values of empowerment, diversity, tribe, trust, and resiliency.  


WFPT has a simple philosophy: Who better to promote peace than those who have seen the face of war?  We believe art transcends politics and brings people together.  It has the power to heal and our projects are designed to build bridges between communities, support disenfranchised groups, promote ethnic diversity, empower women, and foster peace. 

Hear What Veterans Are Saying!

Y'Dahanna Daniels - ARMY
Shannon Corbeil - AIR FORCE
Bill Paden - NAVY
Tony Nevada - MARINES


WFPT provides artist a venue to use their craft to promote social good.


  1. Acting provides an additional form of therapy for veterans still processing the experience of war.

   2.  Bringing veterans of different nations            together to perform art promotes

        peace and is a way to heal.

   3.  Each production includes a Q & A with

        the audience that provides the public

        an opportunity to have a dialogue with

        the cast of veterans to help narrow the

        civil-military divide.

Recent Production!



The HUDSON THEATre, Hollywood, CA


Warriors For Peace Theatre's brilliant team of actors, designers, director and producer delivered!!

From Stage And Cinema: 

"... compelling, entertaining, and meaningful. It proves that full diversity, married to talent and experience, can make any piece of theater relevant and striking."


"...the authenticity of the performances are for all to admire."


"...this company is one to watch out for."


"...several of the lead roles are played against type, all successfully. "

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Nathan Nonhof on how art heals

and the Julius Caesar production

Tori Danner on Playing Mark Antony.

Our exciting production was placed in a modern war setting with gender bending roles and a diverse cast comprised of military veterans and civilians. Directed by Ann Noble. 

There are three reasons we embarked on this project:

1. A Collaboration of Military Veterans and Civilians

Julius Caesar, one of Shakespeare’s most revered works, is partly a story about war. Our country has been fighting wars for fifteen consecutive years now. We cast this stage production partly with military veterans - actors who have experienced combat in our current conflicts. I don’t think this has been done with this play.  Our actors brought a certain depth and understanding of the challenges and affects to the human psyche of those who have experienced the horrors of war.  Our production was a collaboration of veterans and civilians. This partnership fits into our mission of using art to heal and bring people together.  Working with civilians is a critical component to the reintegration of our returning veterans into civilian society after returning from military service


2. Ethnic Diversity In Casting 

Our production has a very diverse cast and reflects modern society and the military in a way many productions do not. 


3. Gender Bending Roles

We gender bended some of the main characters, including Marc Antony, Julius Caesar, Casca, Octavius, and others. In a time when there is a long over due push in the industry to have more female leads Julius Ceaser provides a perfect opportunity to present a women in leading roles.



PSA About Tolerance

Sir Thomas More Monologue

Warriors For Peace theatre assembled 28 veterans and civilians to create a public service announcement that raises awareness about tolerance and sends a message about how some treat immigrants and minorities. 

In this collaboration between the civilian and veteran communities, we recited a famous monologue written by William Shakespeare for The Book Of Sir Thomas More. It was a plea for empathy and compassion towards “the other”.