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Warriors For Peace Theatre Founder Christopher Loverro has been conducting humanitarian operations and evacuations in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. He works with local, grassroots organizations to deliver food, medicine, medical supplies, and other critically needed aid to some of the hardest hit areas. He was also on an evacuation team that rescued approximately 1,000 civilians who were fleeing the fighting from Bakhmut and surrounding areas. 

We are accepting donations to fund his mission to continue evacuations and to deliver aid to those who need it the most.  Unlike many other organizations that use much of your donation money for salaries, overhead, marketing, rent, etc, every single penny donated to Warriors For Peace Theatre will go directly to purchasing and delivering supplies.  Christopher will be on the ground personally overseeing the operation. Warriors For Peace Theatre works with and supports several American and Ukrainian based organizations such as Base UA, Global Augmentation, and Red Kalyna.

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Warriors For Peace Theatre

5482 Wilshire Blvd. #1600

Los Angeles, CA. 90036


Reference "For Ukraine Relief" On Your Check

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